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    Hi all,

    Joined the site a while back after decided I wanted to try raising a few hens for personal egg supply and a few meat birds for the freezer. I kept seeing references to chicken math and thought I knew what it meant and that it was something lesser mortals struggled with. No way I would succumb like the rest of you, lol.

    Today I looked back at the last few weeks and realized I am well on my way to a degree. There has to be a support group I can join.

    I wanted to start right away and with min. order of 25 chicks atm, I split an order with a neighbor. I initially wanted and ordered 6 Blackstars and 6 Meat birds. Then I started reading about different breeds in the forum and ordered 6 Black Astralorps and 6 Easter Eggers (who knew you could get colored eggs? gotta have some of those!). Then I decided I have space and 12 Meat birds wouldn't be any more work so added another 6.

    This morning I added 6 Buff Rocks to the order. So I've gone from 12 to 36 on my first order and haven't even built a brooder yet.

    Worse (or it gets better depending on your point of view) I just decided I want to be able to hatch as well. Thought I would get a small, budget friendly incubator and a few hatching eggs. Somehow I talked myself up from a mini Eco to a Dickey, lol, just sent my order in for a 2x2.

    I honestly did not see this coming but think I'll be ok with a little help.


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    Chicken math... Just go with it...
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    I see its hit you pretty bad, huh? [​IMG] Have fun!

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