OMG What Impy just did!! ROFLMBO!


Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!
14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
I just spent an hour cracking pecans for my juvenile flock, including that crazy cockerel named Impy.
To be fair I thought I should treat my adult flock too, but didn't feel like gathering more pecans. Okay, string cheese sticks will work for the big birds.
I took a rounabout way out to the adult coop, but Impy followed me; no doubt hoping for more pecans. Get out to where my big birds are ranging and start feeding them the string cheese. Well Impy is either very, very brave or very, very stupid. He walks right up to my adult roo Thor and snatches a piece of cheese out of Thor's beak. I froze. I'm thinking there's no way Thor is going to let Impy get away from that. I quickly started making mental plans of where to bury Impy. Thor = 13 lbs. last time I weighed him, Impy? Maybe two, soaking wet.
To my astonishment, Thor let Impy take the cheese and then walked away.

So Impy decides to push his luck - again, very brave or very stupid - and saunters over to my dark brahma, half-blind, runt hen Lil'Bit. Impy starts wing dancing Lil'Bit. Again I froze, wondering what Thor would do. Again, Thor did absolutely nothing.

Lil'Bit, on the other hand, started stomping Impy into the ground! She hit him with a both feet kick that knocked him down and then she turned him every which way but lose.

I was laughing my butt off on the way back to the house. I left Impy out there, by the way. I plan on going to rescue him in oh...15 minutes or so.
Awesome! That'll teach the little man...

I have a hen like that too.. my white rock, Pearl... she was actually fighting my HUGE head roo the other day...
HE backed down first..and looked like a sissy to the other girls..
Poor Impy, my left foot! He's been the terror of the barnyard since he was about two weeks old. It's payback time.

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