On being a responsible pet owner - (rant)


10 Years
Mar 1, 2009
outside Dallas
Ok, so I had my little Border Collie spayed today. She is a nice dog, registered with the ABCA, loves to work, a pretty blue merle and white sweetheart. Her hips are good, her eyes are good, she's vaccinated, house trained, obedience trained.....
I had dreams of raising a litter or two from her. I love raising puppies. I like the work involved, introducing them to car rides, crates, collars, leashes, people, other animals. It's so much fun wrinkling their little brains, teaching them about life, placing them in the perfect homes, getting Christmas pics of them posing with Santa, etc.
Here in Dallas, it's illegal to raise pups for sale. But, the neighbors have this indiscriminate little dog of frighteningly muddled DNA that is raising her latest litter of 8 even more mixed bred pups. She has been a good mom, she has taught them how to cross a busy street to come potty in my front yard (she is down a few pups already) and snack out of the other neighbor's trash cans. She is running in a small pack of about 6 dogs (plus the remaining pups)that harrass my dogs, chase cars and fence fight. The GP X is now standing his ground and barking at me when I try to get him to go away. I broke down and called the police yesterday. No, I am still not (really) allowed to shoot them, city ordinance and all, but (wink, wink) 'You may protect your property and yourself' preferably with the pellet gun. Yeah, right.
So, my sweet, registered, healthy, house/working Border Collie went under the knife today. She did well and is home recooperating, but, my dreams of raising a litter of little bright eyed fluffy pups with huge futures is dead now and I am heartbroken. I still love my girl, Rain, I always have, always will, she is a companion first, but, I can't help but feel that if maybe, just maybe, I didn't feel so responsible, could I have gotten to experience the joy of introducing well bred, well managed pups to the world just one last time.
Oh well, dreams die, we must live on. I will cuddle with my poor sweet, sore little girl and realize that at least none her her babies will ever end up in the street.
That stinks! I LOVE BCs!
If you can't raise them for sale, can you raise them for "donation"?
Doesn't it stink how the world will be overrun by poor quality, disease ridden, uncared for dogs because some people just don't give a hoot about them and are too lame to ever see further than the next minute. It's hard to even write coherently, this steams me so bad.
I'm glad your BC has such a caring owner!
Thanks, guys. I'm just down in the dumps over this. I didn't actually purchase her with this intention, but she's so awesome, it just seems a shame. I even had people interested in pups. But, seeing so many dumped and unloved dogs out there...well, it just doesn't seem right somehow. She would have made a great mom, I'm sure of it.
I will be happy with the little beastie I adopted recently (the deaf puppy I posted about several weeks ago.) She's a precious thing, too. I have a house full of rescue/rehome pets. At least I feel like I'm doing something to help. But, litter of well bred fluff balls with puppy breath. *sigh* and all the neat 'dog-in-laws' I've made in the past really makes me want to do it again.
(I know what it is, I can no longer have children, so maybe I'm substituting).
BarkerChickens, donantion - wish I thopught of that.
Yes, New adventure, it bites that the world will soon be over run with low quaility dogs (cats, horses,people, etc)
I probably could have placed all her pups with people here. Now, I really am annoyed with myself.
I dont think it has anything to do with a mixed breed..
Its the lack of care your neighbor is giving her animals that is the problem. Poor things!

For me..i could care less if a dog is pure bred or a cute little mix...but what REALLY bothers me (and what is more important...) is when people dont take responsibility for their dog and pups.
I know a lot of pure breed breeders that sell to puppy mills and such...they are no better just because they are pure breed dog breeders.
And... i also know people that have had adorable mixed pups and they take responsibility for each and every pup that was born..they find them good homes and get them good vet care..(actually alot of people on here have had their mixed pups up for adoption...)

So again..for me...its about the care the animal is given, not if its a pure breed or not... just my opinion.
I feel bad for your neighbors dogs..
And for you having to deal with that situation next door... good luck!
Thanks, redhen.
I have no issues with mixed breeds. I have one myself (my BorderKelpie, I even named myself after him.
) But, he's neutered, trained, vaccinated, etc. You're right, my issue is with the neighbors, and not just that one, the whole bunch if idiots that think their dogs are 'happier' left to run at large.
As far as the pure breed breeders, I do feel a little better about myself that way, I have reported two of them and once, way back when, when I was showing dogs, I quit dealing with one because, to me, she was nothing but a puppy peddler as well. Show dogs need love, too. I even spayed my show dog when I realized that she wasn't quite right for my breeding goals. She lived out her life sleeping in my bed and playing soccer mascot for my DD's team. I wish more animals could get the love they deserve.
I wish more kids would get the love they deserve.

I don't think we could ever do anything about the surplus of dumb dog owners unless we do away with no kill shelters. We seemed to have less of a problem with strays and loose animals when people could pick them and take them to the pound to be euthanized.

No, it's not the dog's fault...but we still never had this kind of problem back in the days of "3 days and they are outta here! "
You're right, Beekissed, kids deserve more love, too. If we could all treat others the way we wish to be treated, but
Well, that's why I have you guys.
It's gotten so bad out here that the newspapers are asking people to dump food out here for the strays. I think that's sweet but stupid. This is a gravel truck hwy. These dogs are hungry, coming in for the food and the trucks take them out. We are inadvertently baiting these poor dogs.
If you can no longer care for your animal, don't throw it away to suffer alone and scared. Either find it a home or, Gawd! I hate to say it - put it down, it's less cruel.
(I'm preaching to the choir, huh?)
Anyway, I guess I am ranting because I am soooo very frustrated right now. I don't feel right adding to the problem (even though, technically, I wouldn't have been), I'm also in the middle of a rescue attempt that's not going fast enough for my taste (and will over draw my account - again), and these dogs harrassing my dogs. I can't sleep anymore for the fighting and barking. (and my dogs sleep inside with me.)
I'm sorry. Thank you all for helping me get this out. I'm in tears here at work.
(the stupid phone call from my dad didn't help, either.)
I have had 3 stray's show up here at my house in the last 2 months. I totally understand what you mean about poor pet owner's. One of the stray's was a female and after a week of her being here she went to the doctor and got herself fixed. The other stray that showed up 2 day's ago is a female also....I will give it about a week and then she will have herself an appointment also. I am not the type of person that will have a perfectly healthy dog put down....probley why I have 7. I do not understand why some people feel the need to get a dog when they have no intentions of taking care of it. What usually happens is...."oh my, he/she is so cute" and then they grow up to be ugly or not what the person expected and then they get a swift boot out the door. The "breeding" thing just really makes my blood boil. We have a leash law here, but nobody abides by it. I have seen soooo many cat's and dog's laying on the highway that it just makes me sick. If only pet owner's would do what they are suppose to do.....UGH!!

****Kiddo's to you for being a responsible pet owner****
Thank for understanding what i meant.

And i know what you mean...because even though i'd LOVE to have Saint Bernard pups or English Mastiff pups..they ALL get fixed! Even though its going to cost me over $500 to get my Mastiff fixed and his stomach tacked..it WILL get done when hes old enough..
Anyways...sorry you have to deal with this mess. Good luck! And i hope your girl gets well soon.

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