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Oct 5, 2007
This post is not accusing anyone of anything but I have noticed that recently all over the place I have seen advertisments for "show quality"chicks and eggs. No breeder can ever garuntee that chicks will be show able. Many People who breed for shows breed hundreds of birds and only choose may be 1/100 that they even consider worth keeping for breeding and showing. Many prospective buyers may think they are buying show winners (and paying a higher price for them). Prospective Buyers "show quality" birds are not really true show quality unless the seller has documents proving that the bird itself has won a show. Many of the birds being advirtised are from great stock and show winning lines but are not show quality. Sellers better terms to advertise your chicks and eggs under are rather then "show quality" are "from show winning lines" or "high quality stock", or may be "breeder quality". Just don't want anyone disippointed by there birds or buyers being accused of false advertising.

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I totally agree with you. I used to put in my eggbid ads, "from show quality stock", but I even quit that because of all the other nonsense that was going on.

I just "spanked" someone by e-mail on eggbid for advertising show quality ameraucanas out of a white roo over blue, silver and white hens.....

Yeah, I'm the A M E R A U C A N A police.
LOL I don't know enough to Email Spank someone about it but a 2 months ago I would have though oh ya I want those because they will win at a show anywhere ! but now thanks to this site I wouldn't fall for it but these recent events brought this ti mind.

Excellent point, Henry! Even if you do have two parent birds who are truly show quality, you still can never know what will pop out of that egg; absolutely no guarantees with chickens and this gene roulette. And even if a chick looks good, you can't tell how it will develop later on, either. A bird can claim some fine lineage, but still be nothing more than a breeder cull, suitable only for a backyard pet. I've owned some myself. Its just like Jean, our "Ameraucana Cop" said with Ameraucanas. I've seen people advertising Araucanas and/or Ameraucanas and they were so obviously hatchery Easter Eggers. Very definitely, every buyer needs to educate himself and know what to expect, or not, in purchasing birds. Buyer beware, in more ways than one.
Hmm, show potential is a little better, but that still may imply something that is not possible with a certain bird. I think I'd stick to saying something about the parents then give disclaimers up the wazoo about what the chicks may or may turn into. Yes, they could turn out show quality, but they could just as easily be pet quality. The fact that the parents are show quality or breeder quality may raise your odds of getting high quality chicks, but really, that's all, IMO.

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