Once docile hen now afraid of small spaces and being held.

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    Before I was able to address my hawk problem (which is now resolved) my one hen had decided to hide out from the hawk while it was stalking the coop and pen. When she was hiding between the coop and our wood shed, she became trapped and was MIA for a few days until I came out to the coop and saw her poke her head out finally. When I was able to free her, she was cold and very wet and developed sores on her feet and chest from being cramped up.

    After relaxing her and taking her into our mudroom and cleaning her off and warming her up, I went to pick her up (slowly and down at her level) and put her in an indoor enclosure on my sun poch and she just FREAKED - wings flapping, making so much noise, and she even clawed my arms open. Is she now claustrophobic? I tried not to rush her either and now I feel a bit rejected because she always came to me and sat in my lap, ate out of my hand, etc. Now she only likes being petted. Forget picking her up at this point.

    Can I fix this in some way? Thank you!
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    Only time MAY settle her down. She has been severely traumatized by the hawk attack and by being trapped. She may never calm down completely.

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