Once we start getting eggs how do you handle/keep them


5 Years
Aug 26, 2015
Casper Wyo
If eggs are clean and we don't wash them I have seen that they don't need to be put in the fridge? Is this correct how do you handle, clean, store your eggs?
I prefer a quick hot water wash, rubbing off any dirt, than I refrigerate. I reuse egg cartons, so unwashed eggs to me seem unsanitary, especially in my refrigerator.
You don't need to refrigerate clean, unwashed eggs. I only do it out of habit. They store better in their cartons upside down. They'll keep for two or three weeks, but If you're unsure ... 'float' them. Place the egg in water. If it sinks, it is fine! If it floats, discard it. If it sinks, but seems a little buoyant, it is okay, but use it now.
weird question.. does anyone ever dye their white eggs for décor purposes? if so can I still keep them on the counter or do I have to refrigerate them after that?

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