One big fluffy, feathery and overall odd family..


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May 17, 2015
Hey guys, new here. Figured I'd say hello and show off the children before I start creeping around the website. I've got 3 ducks, 2 dogs and a chicken who can't decide whether it's a duck or a dog.

The hen in the back is Sharleen, the drake next to the hose is Earl, Bob is the species confused chicken and the little duckling up front is Lenny.

Welcome! I just joined today but I've been using the site, to help me understand chickens, for a while. Thought I'd like to have the full benefits of knowing others. Lol on the chicken that can't decide. He/she can be whatever they want :)))))).
So glad you joined us…your flock members are all so cute.

I hope you secure them when you are not around, looks like chicken wire on the run and if they are in the run without surveillance, you really should add hardware cloth to make sure you don't lose those cuties.

If you haven't already done so I would suggest you visit the Learning Center and Coop/run forums.

Good luck with your flock.
If confused Bob starts barking like a dog or swimming and bobbing, butt up like a duck, you can make a fortune off of him . Maybe even work out a Disney movie deal.

I think when he meets the right pullet, he will fulfill his destiny as a rooster. Please let us now. Welcome to Backyard chickens, very glad you joined the flock.
Thanks for the warm welcome!

Sunflower, I keep the two bigger ducks outside in the coop, they roam around the yard while I'm at work so they're not all penned up all day without the freedom of swimming around in the pool and visiting the neighbors.. They usually just waddle around the yard but every now and then they'll fly on over to the neighbors when their kids are out but always find their way back home before dark. They know where home is! The little ones are inside pets and spend most of their time cuddled up in my laundry basket..

Diva, poor Bob already tries to get in the pool every time I let them out. Gotta keep a close eye on him because he just doesn't get why the other ducks can swim and he, well he swims more like a lead duck. More than once he's hopped in the pool and sank right to the bottom for me to pull him back out. And he still tries again! He's also got a crush on Lenny, the little duckling.. I'm just curious what would happen if somehow they actually made fertile eggs when they're older. THAT could be a money maker!

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