One Dead Chicken, Another Looks Sick


7 Years
May 16, 2012
Help! I bought 3 Americanas a few days ago. One was in with my other 4 chickens for a few hours, but I put her in with the smaller chickens at my house after she got picked on by the 4 original chickens. The bullied Americana that got pulled out seems to be perfectly healthy.

But I went out there this afternoon and one of the 2 remaining Americanas was dead. Not a feather ruffled or a scratch, just dead. I removed the last Americana after noticing her droopy eyes. Any ideas what could be wrong? I have the droopy eyed gal in quarantine. I am raising these chickens for meat and eggs- if this chicken recovers, are her eggs and meat safe?

Do I need to cull her? Are my other chickens in danger now? And what can I do to protect them?

Thanks, y'all.
Have you checked her breast bone to see if she was thin at all?
Pointy being thin, rounded being fat.
Some birds hide issues very well until it is to late.
I will check the sick chicken for weight.

The oldest 4 are 14 weeks, the Americanas are 10 (or so) and the little 3 are about 10 weeks. I introduced them and watched for a while- they all seem to get along. Is there a better way to do that? I love having chickens, but I'm always learning some way I could have done it better.

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