One doz. Black Orp. Bantam hatching eggs

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  1. rebel yell

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    Jun 27, 2010
    This is a auction, Bid with post not PMs. The bidding will start at $25 + $15 shipping, I acept Pay Pal only. Payment to be made as soon as the auction is over.
    It is for 12 of my black Orpington Bantam eggs, The rooster is split to chocolate & the hens are black, which will give you 25% black roo. 25% black roo. carying the choco. gene 25% black pullets & 25% choco. pullets, These birds have done very good in the show I entered them in, with the pullet getting BB & BV & The rooster getting RV & RB.
    The auction will end on 2/7 at 8:30am & the eggs will ship out on 2/11.
    PM me with any qustions.
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  2. Elliemae 77

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    Mar 7, 2012
    $25. :)
  3. Angel16

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    Hi i'n getting ready to lay hens nexed week and i have a coop for them but i haven't built the nesting boxes yet but i don't know if i should put the boxes in the coop now or not. if i do put them in now do i have to block them off or not??

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