One eye closed / lethargy - 8 month old bantam with chicks

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Jun 6, 2022
Any ideas what’s going on with my hen? She is closing one eye off an on and acting slow and lethargic. She is also currently a first time mom to three chicks. She was broody for about 30 days when I was finally able to get her some chicks, and I think being broody in the heat was really hard on her. I regret that. She has had her chicks for a little over a week now. Two days ago she started shutting one eye intermittently. She is doing it more now, and is not moving around with her babies much. I have been treating her for one day with PetRX and Nutridrench. Any advice or prior experience?


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There's a good chance that little twerp pecked its broody hen in that eye, and now it hurts like the dickens. That's why she keeps it closed - pain. Flush it with saline eye wash and twice a day put a dab of Neosporin or, if you have it, terramycin eye antibiotic.

But, as @Tookie mentioned, watch for swelling and pus which would indicate infection from either injury or a respiratory disease. You might need to start her on Tylan 50 if the facial tissue swells.
WOW that makes total sense! Her little hoodlums do peck her eyes sadly. What is the dosage for Tylan 50? All I see on the bottle is the cattle and swine instructions.

Thank you all!

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