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    Hello everyone,
    Wondering if someone would give me a hand diagnosing a couple hens in my flock.

    I have one hen that is constantly shaking her head. Other than that she seems to be fine. I have checked for creepy crawly's but don't seem to see any. I recently acquired this particular hen from a farm that had mixed livestock within the same barn. I keep only Ringneck pheasant (seperate outdoor flyways) and 80 or so laying hens in a newly built poultry barn that is kept very clean by most standards.

    The other hen is extremely lethargic, I have seperated her to a medic area as soon as I notcied this. She seems to be stuck to the water dish. Wants to drink lots and sometimes lays her breast in the water. Also she seems to have an extra large breast area...almost like swelling.

    I have been reading this site for awhile but just logged in today...very nice site and thanks to anyone for the advice.


    New Brunswick, Canada

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