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    ok, so all of them were dead because they had no life in them when I candled them. But one I saw a flicker so I had it for a day in the incubator. no one believed me and thought I was crazy but my twin looked and we can see the heart beating. So it's day 24 and nothing. Can I do anything and is there a reason its not hatching?[​IMG]

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    Hi, did it die at some stage.
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    if its been that long I might make a small hole in the top where the air cell is and see what it looks like in there if its not all viening and such you might be able to save him if you open it up. This is not a Fool proof thing babies die from being helped, but im not shure how long he can stay in his shell without dying ether , most people disagree with helping but if he is done then there may be a chance , what eve3r you decide to do make shure you really want to live with the consiqencies. and read the thread on helping them out.
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