One More Try to help Save my Fern! Please read!

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  1. nipper75

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    Mar 5, 2011
    NorthEast PA
    Fern is an 18 month old Dominique. Over the summer she started to look "scruffy". She did have lice/mites 2 weeks ago and I treated with poultry dust. Dewormed with Wazine 17 and safeguard. Poop was tested and all is good. Been giving 1/2cc penicillin everyday for 3 days. Tylan 200 1/2cc orally for 2 days but most of it got squirted on the floor so injected her last night with 1/2 cc. She is:
    1. eating
    2. pooping
    3. she has a hard throat right under her beak
    4. swollen face and eyes
    5. eyes very swollen this morning
    6. seems like she is more swollen in the morning
    7. no sign of any ulcers in mouth, but I'm not an expert
    8. swollen throat causing her tongue to move to one side
    9. ONLY bird having troubles
    10. swollen wattles with a yellow tinge
    11. did have scab on ear, which I picked at, cleaned, and put antibiotic ear drops in after dropping in vegetable oil to kill any possible mites
    12. does cluck once in a while
    13. interested in food when thrown in

  2. Animol

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    Nov 8, 2012
    How long has the swelling been present? I have a problem like this but all I got back was on
    Maybe it's the same thing? Closest answer I got was IB (infectious bronchitis) to finding out what it was though it didn't say anything about the swelling.
  3. nipper75

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    Mar 5, 2011
    NorthEast PA
    The swelling in the face has been occurring since last week and has been getting worse only at night... I'm guessing because she sleeps with her head down and that's causing the congestion...

    I have to add that she is NOT sneezing, no runny nose, and not coughing. she does take breaths from her mouth but I think it might be because her throat is swollen.. She also seems to frequently move her tongue as if she trying to clear her throat or swallow.

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