One of my ganders is getting into the habit of biting me


Nov 10, 2019
Ahhhh noo! Bucket destruction!! I think ill go with the picking up and no for now. Did someone say it was pairing season at the moment too? Would that go a little way towards explaining the extra agression and honking??? Will honking quieten down a bit in a few months maybe?
Yeah aggression gets worse in breeding season which can start between now and spring and end between late spring and sometime in summer.

Lol, oh my! Your gander did that? I had no idea it was quite so serious!
Yeah Parsnip likes to take things too far!


Apr 26, 2020
This is a good idea!
also a strong “NO!” when he’s acting up is a good word to teach him, my gander Leo has learned to back off when he hears it because he knows he’ll get picked up if he doesn’t.
When breeding season comes and his horomones get to him it only works 50% of the time, but Leo is my oldest and one of the first geese I got, he wasn’t raised hands on like the others so our relationship is different. The others are more appreciative of my existence.

One other tip I can offer, full buckets are better than empty, for some reason it’s worse if it’s empty, probably because they can roll it around and it rattles more, so sometimes I put a rock in the bottom so it’s harder to tip over during breeding season and other buckets not in use are kept out of reach.

Otherwise this can sometimes happen, BEHOLD THE RAGE OF PARSNIP!

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