One of my hens obsessed with the cockerel-why?

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Sep 22, 2013
Banffshire, Scotland
I have a few new Hampshire bantams and one cockerel who is moulting. Recently, instead of just pecking around one the girls 'Molly' has become obsessed by the cockerel 'Lockie'. She not only follows him around and stays by his side 100% but is by chance she is separated from him she becomes hysterical, trying to jump over fences and trees to get to him! I was afraid she may give herself a fit this morning, you can hear her screaches from miles away - obviously we need to nip this in the bud! Can anyone help or is it just a phase?
Maybe she just feels safer close to him. One chicken owner I met had lost too many of her hens to hawks. She got a frizzle rooster, tied a piece of yarn on his leg and a light weight, placed him in a safe area to forage. The big girls stayed really close and wouldn't wander from his side…and all were very happy with the arrangement. And she suffered no more losses to hawks.
They do have their favourites I think.

I have 6 hens and one cockerel (George), and one of my BO hens is always right by George's side. They are like chicken husband and wife, constantly clucking to each other, always within a few feet of each other, and sleeping side by side on the roost at night. If the other BO girl gets too close to George, she gives her a good peck to let her know to back off her man!

George looks after her first too. He always makes sure she gets to eat before the other girls - she is number 2 in the pecking order, second only to George. Interestingly, whilst he does mate with her fairly often, it is one of my RIR girls who is missing all her back feathers. I am sure my BO refers to her as "the red-headed hussy down the street!"

I don't think there is much you can do to stop it. Separating them will only cause distress. I have heard that their favourites can change so who knows what will happen next week. I would let them enjoy each other for now though

- Krista

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