One of the girls FINALLY did it!!


Oct 7, 2015
SE Oklahoma
She laid her first egg! I've hatched birds before but it's always SO EXCITING when you get your first egg. I honestly thought she was a rooster for a while due to her colors, and

I thought another one of my hatched birds would be the first to lay. My rooster was breeding this one this morning though. I thought it was odd but knew she'd be laying soon and BOOP. A couple hours later and she got her first egg out. I'm so proud of her 🥰

She did the smaller one on the right! The other egg is from a hen I hatched last November.

IMG_20200919_104926.jpg IMG_20200821_161107.jpg

Chicken Heel

Jun 8, 2019
My 19 week old Light Brahma and Red Cochin bantam pullets laid their first eggs this week and I was just as excited to see them as I was 55 years ago when I got "my" first one from a mixed bantam pullet. My wife said I was just like a kid with a new toy when I brought them in the house to show her.

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