One of the hardest things I have ever had to do.


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Howell, NJ
We had a nice New Years eve surprise with 8 piglets being born. Right away I saw one had a problem standing. It turned out that its rear legs were deformed. It could not eat and we were hand feeding it for 2 days trying to see if it could by some miracle make it. It was just not to be. I had to put the little guy down.

Now mind you I am a former Army Ranger with 2 tours in Vietnam. I am an avid hunter. I am 6'4" 225lbs and tuff as they come. But it broke my heart. Everytime I think about it a tear rolls down my face. I guess this is what happens when you git old.

Well I go out by the coop and there is a fox in one of the snares we have setup around it. It sees me coming and is jumping around frantic. I walk over and reach down and cut the cable and he runs off. My wife looks at me and I say to her there has been enuff killin around here today.

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