one rooster lost another sick, please help!

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    Apr 22, 2010
    I have 2 barred rock roosters (one now), that I was told had Marek's, one since 8 weeks. The other that just died developed it at 6 months. Both immediately quarantined inside. Both were doing really well, on homeopathic, colostrum, and vitamins. Eating well, perky, etc. except for the paralysis. The homeopathic was working well with my remaining roo. He has been standing with some assistance, getting stronger. Two days ago, one of them developed severe diarrhea and stopped eating and drinking, he died the next day. The one left has been doing great until today when I noticed he was not as enthusiastic about eating and drinking. Not as animated, although alert as usual. I just offered him some scrambled egg, and he ate it with gusto, but I noticed tonight that he is holding his beak open slightly like he is having a hard time breathing, and also his nostrils are somewhat wet, although no sneezing. I have antibiotic and electrolytes with vitamins, so I am thinking I should give it to him. Could this be coccidosis I am seeing here? Both of their cages and bedding were kept clean and dry. Fresh water and food always. Fresh air, as I kept the basement door where they are open all day. And no dampness at all. Any ideas? This is really hitting me hard and I feel like I have somehow let them both down. I have been meticulous about washing and disinfecting waterers, feeders, cages, and coops. These two roos have been quarantined away from my other birds for quite a while but now I am really worried about the other birds. I have two other roos, and a hen, as well as 8 week old Javas that are just now out of the brooder during the day due to warm weather. We put them out in a pen for the day. I use disposable gloves and change them in between birds, I also change clothes and shoes often. Any input would be appreciated. You guys are the greatest with your information.
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    First, no, this does not fit Cocci's profile - at least not that i can tell. Coccidiosis is an intestinal problem, not respiratory.

    Second, Marek's is not known to have a cure; thus i would assume that they died from internal symptoms of the disease. I'm not an expert on Marek's by any stretch of the imagination. However, i believe that Marek's is rarely treated.

    As to your 8 week-olds, they will very likely have an outbreak of cocci, and you should have some liquid Corid on hand to treat them right away when that happens. If you're interested, there's a link in my signature where i blather on about that subject.

    I'm very sorry you're having this trouble with your roosters. [​IMG]
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    If your roos did have Marek's, short of a miracle, there was no hope of recovery. Marek's can be very similar to cancer in the way that it causes tumors that shut down vital organs, lesions on the brain, and gets progressively worse over time. It's a terminal condition and that's why many folks will cull/euthanize a bird with Marek's.

    I feel badly for you and for your birds. That is a dreadful disease.
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    Respiratory often follows Cocci... So treat for both... simultaneously... age is right symptoms are right.. Sulmet and tetracycline powder...No vitamins... you will need to follow up with egg bread and soft food till they regain strenghth and Cranberry sauce...It is worth a try...I have had this show up the same way and treatment did work.

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