One ROUGH egg!


12 Years
Sep 30, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
One of my girls laid an egg today, and rather than being smooth and eggshell-like, the shell is coarse and granulated, like heavy sandpaper. It's utterly bizarre. It had to be uncomfortable coming out!

No picture, sorry, but such a weird thing.
I had a hen that laid eggs just exactly like you described. Weird rough shell! Her egg shells were a light pinkish color and just rough. I gave her everything I could think of and I ended up having to put her down because she then started laying internally. Hopefully by adding oyster shell to your hen's diet, will help her.

One thing I noticed on my hen's egg, was it was always slimy and had this like her insides boiled some eggs stuck on her eggs. I had to use a pot scrubber to scrape the stuff off her eggs. Poor thing, just got so miserable. I miss her a lot. Such a sweet thing.
I've had a few like that. BTW, my aunt's name is Melissa Jean, but everyone calls her Lisa. There are 3 generations of us Jean's. My gm is Barbara Jean, my aunt, Melissa Jean, and I'm Patti Jean. No I didn't give it to either one of my daughters, but at age 6 I named my brother, Kelly Gene.
Kristi, I have been giving oyster shell, and also the ground up shells of their own eggs.

Dane, I'm sorry to hear that! I've been lucky so far, none of my girls have had any health issues, really. I hope this was just a fluke.

Rubber, my niece is the third generation to carry on the "Jean" middle name! She and I are both named after my mother's mother.

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