One Sick, one dead and rats to boot!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by bovine0001, Jun 19, 2017.

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    So for a week, I have a 3 year old hen who has been sitting in the run and does not move fast and sits so much it collects urine/ammonia in chunks on its rear.

    I found another hen, same age, suddenly dead today in the coop. No signs of illness or trauma. Her coat was beautiful and seemed healthy.

    I am dealing with rats around the coop. I don't think they are living there, but they like the run. I am catching quite a few of them, but I think there are some left.

    Are the eggs safe to eat? Any thoughts as to how to keep our flock safe?
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    Your coop is not secure if rats are getting in.
    You may want to invest in something to cover and hole larger than an inch, including a hardwire cloth skirt.

    Have you checked them for mites?
    Mites seem to be a big problem right now for a lot of people here on BYC.

    When was the last time you wormed them?

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