One silkie out...9 more eggs to go!!

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  1. Day 20 today and a surprise when I went to add water this morning. One was other pips. Out of 30 shipped silkie eggs I went into lockdown with 10 [​IMG] oh well....about my luck lately!!
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    Luck Gator!!!!
  3. So I put 4 eggs under my broody silkie the same time I put 26 in the incubator. Broody hen hatched all 4 of her eggs today. The incubator eggs were down to 10 by lockdown...hatched one baby this morning on day 20 and no more hatches or pips. I did just hear peeping from at least one of the eggs so I'm holding onto hope!!
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    [​IMG] Good hatch vibes [​IMG]
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    Come on chickies.....come out and play with Judy!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6.'s the morning of day 21. Still only one chick and one egg pipped. Gonna take this one lone chick out and slip it under the hen with the chicks. If I don't have any more chicks hatch I'm DONE hatching!! [​IMG]
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    Now you know you MUST have more patients than that on day 21....they could begin popping out like popcorn. Or, at least I'm hoping that they do for you.

    Keep us updated.
  8. popcorn happening here. Second chick hatched and I don't hear any peeping from the others. I've got a hovabator up for sale. [​IMG]
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    aww.. that is sad!! i feel bad for you. mauybe they are just late starters.. give it a few more days and let us know what happens... **HUGS**
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    Oh shucks, I am so sorry for you. I can relate. A while back I got 24 shipped eggs, (12 Seramas that I really wanted), and hatched out only 4. One was a Silkie (ok), one Serama, and two white crested black polish. I gave away the polish (I do NOT like polish), and now the other two live together in a BIG ol' bird cage until they are bigger.

    Tell me, did your broody accept the 2 new chicks that you hatched? I have heard it go both ways. I hope she took them!

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