One year old hen, listless, pale comb and wattles

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    Good morning everyone.
    I hope someone can give me some help. One of my one year old Blue Orpington hens has been acting off for the past several days and I'm just no sure where to start as far a treating her for something. Until early last week she's been fine. [​IMG]
    Symptoms: Pale comb and wattles, listless, loss of appetite, weight loss, a little pasty poo on her butt, and she hasn't layed an egg that I know of. All the hens are just starting to lay again but I don't know who's laying and who's not. She's also limping on her left leg but that started after my drake decided he had to be a freak and mount the hens and he got her 2 or 3 times. Her abdomen isn't really soft but it's not hard either. I haven't felt anything that feels like an egg in there.
    She has no respiratory symptoms.
    We just did a thorough spring cleaning of the coop a few weeks ago and dusted for mites then. We have a layer of sawdust we mixed the DE in and then topped that with straw. I haven't wormed them yet.
    As I said I'm not sure where to start with her and this one is my favorite Orp. I don't want to lose this one.
    Help please? [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    I recommend you read "threehorses" messages on worming. I follow her directions to the letter.

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