One year old hens not laying


5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
I have 3 hens, all raised from chicks, very healthy, free feed, water all the time. The get laying feed with a little cracked corn, oyster shell is available. They spend about half of the time outside in a pen and always at night are in the coop where they roost in the rafters. There are three laying boxes which they sometimes get into, but never to lay and egg or sleep at night. My bard rock has been laying nearly daily in one of the nesting boxes since last summer, but I have never had an egg from my Rhode Island Red or my americauna. What is wrong????
I am having the same problem only I have 10 hens and am getting only 3-4 eggs a day but I think that they are scared of the mice that have moved in the coop and I've heard that chickens that are stressed tend not to lay. just my short thought on the subject and would also love to know how to get them to lay again. parents are threatening a chicken eviction if laying doesn't start back up.
Did you put any lighting in the coop over the winter? Did their schedule change any? What about their bedding, feed, ect?

It sounds to me, HBHV, that your RIR and EE are laying somewhere other than the nestboxes. I didn't know my orp was laying until I found her eggs under a bush. I have a link in my signature to an article I wrote on how to deal with that.

Nightbird--kill the mice. Are you feeding them layer feed? Are they laying elsewhere, maybe?? Also, egg numbers go down in the winter for everybody, due to less light. Tell your parents that egg numbers tend to go up in springtime.

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