Ongoing Quilt Projects, Continued from the "No Appreciation...." Thread


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Ladyhawk sent me a message just now and it involves a quilt she had me make quite some time ago, thought you'd get a kick out of it so posting exactly as written.

So about four years or so ago, I had you make a pink and seafoam green quilt for little Ava who was very very sick. Well her Mom and I were chatting on FB recently after a gymnastics competition Ava did....she told me a hysterical story that included you in it. LOL first let my preface by saying Ava is still a sweetie and generous to a fault child...she took all of her birthday money and went to thrift stores and bought sweaters, jackets and coats and took them to an orphanage outside Atlanta and gave them away. BUT and here is the funny thing....

Ava had a friend over to spend the night...said friend was going to watch a movie on the couch with Ava but wanted a woobie....said friend went to Ava's room as Leigh told her but she made the apparent HUGE mistake of grabbing the quilt. Leigh was in the kitchen when All hell broke loose. Little friend crying, Ava screaming and the scene was this....Leigh walked into living room Ava had blanket in one hand, one foot on friend who was on floor crying and Ava was screaming "Never touch my quilt EVER my grandma Cathie had it made just for me by my Grandma Bacon...Don't Ever TOUCH it!". 🤣😂

Leigh was so flabbergasted it took her a second to calm everyone down from Ava's meltdown. She said she has never seen Ava like that or even close.

Sooooo Grandma Bacon...again your quilts are a hit and you are a Grandma Hahahahaha

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