ONLY got ONE baby UPDATE !

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  1. Well we shipped in 14 Class A Serama eggs, waited 18 days without disturbing and found only 3 that had any development.

    Out of the three, we only go ONE baby. It is doing good and of course we had to help her out of the shell. I do not think it is my bator as much as the eggs themselves.

    However, now we are stuck with raising one baby chick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. walkswithdog

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    Go to tractor supply company TSC or your local feed store or post a chicks needed in the BST section and get a couple of buddies for the chick. They need a group to do well. Three works, five help maintain their temps better.
  3. OK, called a local feed store and they have 1 day old chicks coming tomorrow. They said they should have some bantam chicks so we are going in to get two little ones.
  4. lilly

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    I ordered three dozen serama eggs last year, each dozen was shipped from differnt states. I had zero hatch. They were incubated in my sportsman and I have never had a zero hatch with any other breed.
  5. The Seramas are a tough breed to hatch out. I guess this is why we keep trying a few times a year.

    Any who, I went into town and Richards brothers had some black Astrolurp (sp) pullets so I picked up two of them.

    The little Serama chick is VERY happy now with her buddies. They have taught her to eat and drink and cuddle.

    They are right behind me all tucked in and asleep under the ceramic coil heater and i am in the dark. Not a peep.

    Great Idea walkswithdog, thanks.
  6. I now have TWO BRUISER black austrolurp chicks and the tiny Serama in the brooder.

    Do not let anyone tell you that you can not mix different sized breeds, these guys are BUDDIES.

    On top of it all I am going to have two pullets for eggs in the future.

    So far, wonderful. they are eating, drinking, playing and sleeping together.
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    Glad you found a buddy. I had 1 serama hatch from a few of my own eggs and its best friends with the 4 EE's that hatched with it. The serama gets in the food bowl and eats while everyone else eats from the sides, its so funny!

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