Ooops, I did it again...Pictures!

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  1. A year a go this month, I got my first 3 small chicks (2 week olds). Less than a month later, I bought 7 day olds, then 3 weeks later - another five 1 day olds! We lost 2 to predators over the winter, so of course, we had to replace them...and two seems such a small number to introduce to the older flock...We have 3 new babies. Two Welsummers and one EE [​IMG] I'll try to get pictures posted of them soon. They are just too cute!
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    yes you can always use more chickens.I like to keep alot around so if we have mishaps there are more.Post pix
  3. Okay, I finally got a chance to get photos. The first two are of the Welsummers - They are feisty little girls, only 2 days old. The third is of the EE we got to add to the older EE girls. I just love the mini-muffs on her cheeks [​IMG]


    They're doing well. It's fun having babies in the house again, lol!
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    oh my, thats a pretty serious cuteness factor you have going there!

    I love the Cleopatra eyeliner look!

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