Opening Bator After Day 18 & Humidity Problems

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Uff Da, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Apr 27, 2019
    I've read in multiple places that it will kill your chicks if you open the incubator after day 18. I am on my first ever hatch (day 20) with a Brinsea Eco Max II, and I can't get the humidity up above 30% unless I open the lid to add wet sponges a few times a day, even with both sides of the well filled. I live in a very arid part of the country, at a moderate altitude (4800 feet). I've been trying to keep the humidity around 65% since day 18, but it drops to 35-45% overnight.

    Does anyone want to guess at how bad this hatch will be screwed up? What about recommendations for next time?

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    Opening the incubator after day 18 will not kill your chicks. Not even close. So don't worry about that :)

    Humidity during lockdown is most important after the chicks are starting to externally pip. You do want to keep it up, and if that means quickly opening the incubator a couple times to add water to sponges, then you should do that. Better a brief period of lower humidity than the incubator drying out entirely and being left that way.

    Could you maybe add a baby food jar filled with water with the sponge sticking out of the top to wick the water out? That would keep the sponge wet without you having to open the incubator.
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    Mar 21, 2018
    Since your climate is so arid, I'd consider keeping the humidity on the higher side. I'm in an arid area and high elevation, too(5200 ft); I keep my bater closer to 70% so that if I have fluctuations it gives me a chance to correct before going over or under the recommended percentages.

    I did have an extreme dip in humidity a few nights ago. However, I have my 3rd chick zipping as I type. So, I'd say that if you can regulate it so it doesnt happen anymore, especially as you get closer to hatch day, you might be okay.
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    run a humidifier in the room with the incubator.
    use a straw with a funnel to add water through the vent hole.. or a blunt syringe with a long needle
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    Apr 27, 2019
    Oh, this is a genius idea! I've not come across this yet, despite extensive reading. Thank you!

    And I do have a humidifier I could set up near the incubator, maybe I will turn it on at night to help stabilize the fluctuations.

    I'm greatly relieved by these replies. Phew!
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