Opinions on gender for my easter eggers.


10 Years
Apr 3, 2014
I bought these two Easter eggers at southern states a couple weeks go I am guessing they are around 2-3weeks old I was really hoping to get 2 pullets because my husband is terriffied of Roo's, (has been attacked several times as a child and adult) Now that they are getting older I am starting to think Henrietta is a Henry, s/he doesn't look anything like Maggie and I have never had these types of chicks before was wondering if some of you could offer any input =) I know its a little early but I need to prepare and find a home if it turns out to be a lil cockerel. Thanks everyone!

Maggie (left) Henry(etta) right

Maggie's feathers have come in more uniform and quickly her tail is also very neat. Henry(etta)"s feather are scraggly and choppy and his looks nothing like Maggie's.its more fluffly that feathery

Maggie's face is sleek

Henry(etta) has a fluffy face although you can't really tell from the picture
I know they are little thats why I put that in the post lol I just has wishful thinkingthat someone with more experience could give some kind of opinion towards it
Its hard to tell from the pictures, but you saying the tail are growing like so I would agree with you their genders (I sex my chicks by their tails)
If your husband is afraid of they guys, try handling them a lot as chicks. I have had 7 roosters and only one was aggressive. One of the ones I have right now follows me and asks for food and the other wants protection from the bully hens. Not all roosters are nasty.
Then I have the nasty butt head who doesn't mind eating my leg (but I didn't raise him as a chick) He has been locked up more then running around and going after us
LOL Basil I love the description of your roo's! I would really like one for the protection we live in rural wv I let them free range while I'm out (which is almost always!) and then they are in the run while I'm not but it still makes me paranoid. I'm hoping to find a nice roo for him to interact with, we met a man with a australorp roo who was really sweet and DH liked him so maybe we can visit more and show him they are not all turds! I had a polish rooster and he was sweet so maybe I just need one of them, I don't think my husband could tell the difference lol and when he crows I can blame it on the rooster on the farm across the road lol
One of the boys I hatched last year doesn't really crow, and he is the sweetest thing. I'm sure some time with nice roosters can change his thoughts on roosters.
I agree with them being pullets. That partridge patterning is more common in females. You'll have to wait a few more weeks to tell for sure.

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