Orange Tabby...He Stays and His Name is Finn (Update with Videos Dec 31)

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  1. Oh no, I am so sorry that your baby got into some poison. That is the most helpless feeling to know they are suffering and you cannot do a thing to help them get better. Orange tabbies are very special cats and once you have one you always have a special place in your heart for them. When we first got our Orange Tabby, Roux, our Vet told us that in her 20 years of being a vet she had never treated one or owned that wasn't sweet.
  2. Were you able to get an electric blanket for Finn? How did he do last night?
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    No, never found one. I got a Comfy Toes mattress warmer thing at Walmart, but it was a piece of junk so returned it. It just didn't warm up much at all, not as much as a heating pad, certainly. He was inside the house, slept in his bed in a box all night long. He did go out this morning to potty and came back. He wants to go out periodically, but it's still single digits, so he comes back pretty fast.
  4. It sounds like Finn is a smart cat! :) Smarter than ours, who asked to go out at 3:30 AM in 18 degrees. He didn't want back in until 7:00AM. Crazy pants cat!
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    He's been gone now for a bit. It's up to around 20-22*. If I could find a regular old fashioned heating pad (no shut-off) or an electric bed blanket or throw or even both, I'd add a heated water bowl up on the table where his house sits and he'd pretty much be set. I don't want to leave the stand up crawl door open because that would let all the warm air out and let cold air in and it runs under my bedroom and kitchen. It would take some doing to put in a cat door in the crawlspace door and I don't have one of those anyway.
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    Just checking in after a busy week at work .. good to see that Finn is keeping you out of trouble [​IMG]

    Love his new box! My two love their box also. Just wanted to share a picture of Chimee in her 'air bed' which is a favourite of hers:

  7. speckledhen

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    I love that air bed! Very cool! Finn stayed out in his condo last night though it was down to around 15*. He went where he wanted to go for the night, though he was inside our house the night before when the temps and windchill were much lower. He likes that A-frame condo a lot. Such a character, this big orange cat. The vet said when he went for his Feline4 booster, "Someone knew you needed a big orange cat and here he is." Maybe she was right.
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  8. The "Cat Fairy" knew you needed Finn. [​IMG]
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    Then, the "Dog Fairy" needs to bring me a cat-friendly Livestock Guardian Dog, too. [​IMG]
  10. speckledhen

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    The Finn-i-Cat was a camera hog today.


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