Ordered 25 buff orpington pullets from cackle hatchery Now what


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Jan 30, 2015
tylertown, ms
They will be here Friday morning around eight. I have a feeder for full grown birds and I have to get a water. I also have to get a thermometer and a red light. Should I do electrolyes and probiotic?????? I have chickens already but they were bought laying already. What are the must knows. I am going to use a galvnized cow water to place them in. I am in the south and we are averaging 90 and up daily and high 70s at night. How long til they can go outside. I have a coop for them where they will be alone that is closed in on all sides except for where the air comes in and it has 2 x 4 welded wire and its four feet in the air. I want my chicks to live long and happy lives. SO experts and anyone with more knowledge than me is an expert what do you say. Thank you all in advance.
Hi! First off just make sure the chicks cant fall into the water! I generally use a waterer for chicks, they aren't too expensive if you wanna go and buy one. If not, I would put marbles or pebbles into the water, they can get water without the risk of falling in. Just to be safe, I do put
Sav-a-Chick (The electrolytes) in the water. Up to you if you wanna spend the money but it does help them be healthy. I would probably wait a week until taking them outside, just make sure they are warm at night and not too hot in the day. Hope this helps! Happy chicken raising!
With those high temperatures they should be able to move outside after a week or two for day trips and permanently after 3 weeks, if not sooner.

Adding some chick saver to their drink water is a good idea, as they would probably be stressed from the shipping and possibly a bit dehydrated, if they travelled long and and on a hot day. Make sure the PO knows to let you know ASAP when the chicks arrived and are ready to be collected, or delivered.

I hope it will all go well for you.
If you can run electric to your coop, no reason not to start them off in there instead of the tub--just another option. With those ambient temps, you can go with a lower wattage red bulb, a 150W ceramic heat emitter (lets them sleep at night), or a heating pad cave (lower risk of fire) for warmth. I've used all three options, and my favorite is the heating pad by far.

I give my chicks all poultry nutri-drench in their water upon arrival to counteract shipping stress. It has sugars, essential vitamins, and nutrients that don't require any digestion--can just be absorbed immediately into the bloodstream from the gut. After 12-24 hours, I switch to regular water since I do fermented feed (which IS a probiotic), but you could either add a probiotic to the water or a powdered form to their crumble (my favorite product is ProBios powder).

Good luck with your chickies! I have a few BOs and I adore them!

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