Ordered a new incubator of ebay 1st TIME INCUBATING NEED HELP!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by saltley2010, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Dec 13, 2012

    the above link is of the incubator i have recently ordered of ebay which should come through the post in the next few days.

    I wanted to know what exact temperature will i have to set the incubator when trying to hatch the eggs.
    how long will they take?
    what temperature should i keep them in the last few days?
    if anyone has this incubator could you please tell me how it works?

    how often should i turn the eggs?
    and how do i put the humidity higher or lower?

    any extra information that i may have missed out please tell me.

    Thank You :)

    if anyone has BBM ( Blackberry Messenger) or WhatsApp (UK) then please post your number or pin and il get in contact with you regarding the incubation :)
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    Cant check the link atm as im on my phone. Chicken eggs take 21 days
    Turn them 3x a day till day 18
    99.5 for forced air or 101 for still air
    Day 18 up the humidity to at least 65%
    You really should read some of the articles in the learning section.
    Keep the incubator in the spot In your house that stays the most stable temp wise and avoid any direct sun on the bator.
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    Apr 11, 2012
    Welcome to BYC. Gabrielle pretty much covered everything.

    You're hatching chicken eggs, correct? The conditions and settings depend on what kind of eggs you have.

    What exact temperature will i have to set the incubator when trying to hatch the eggs?

    The temperature throughout incubation depends on your incubator. If you have a forced air, temperature should be set to 99-100 F. If you have a still air, which has gradient heat, you should be able to read 101-102 F from the *top* of the eggs. It looks as though your incubator will have a fan, so 99-100* is ideal.

    How long will they take?

    Providing the conditions and setting are correct, gestation period is 21 days, give or take. When you hear peeping, it means the chick has pipped internally. It's usually about 24 hours from there until you see a "pip", or the first hole in the egg. Next step, zipping and hatch may take anywhere from 12-48 hours.

    What temperature should i keep them in the last few days?

    Same, 99-100* for forced airs and 101-102* read from the top of the eggs for still airs.

    How often should i turn the eggs?

    You'll be better off turning 3x a day minimum. 5-7 times or more is better. I believe it's been observed that a hen will turn her eggs close to 100 times a day, so no such thing as over-turning. Stop turning the eggs on the 18th day of incubation so that the chicks can position themselves for hatch.

    And how do i put the humidity higher or lower?

    You control the humidity by controlling the surface area of the water. As you may know, depth does not matter.

    One thing that I will add, is that on the 18th day of incubation you go into "lock down". That is when you increase the humidity, stop turning and keep the incubator closed. Once your chicks begin hatching, do not open the incubator or you'll risk shrink wrapping them.
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    You do realize that this unit is 230 volt 50 hz for use in the UK? It should work on 220 volt 60 hz if you have that, but this is not going to plug into a USA wall outlet!
    Good luck!

    EDIT: or maybe you are on the other side of the pond,,,,,,
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