ordering from Cackle, how long for a shipping date?


10 Years
Feb 3, 2009
Greensburg, Pa
Dismayed at the lack of ducks in the western PA area I just placed an order with Cackle for 15 Ancona ducks. Can anyone else who has ordered from Cackle tell me approximately how long it takes for them to give you a ship date? I know their order form says I'll have to wait at LEAST 10 days to find out what my ship date is, but has anyone heard back from them sooner?
They emailed me within 24 hours with a ship date. But, I ordered mine back in January. They are probably moving a little slower now because of the spring rush. So far they have been easy to work with: they called me with an anticipated delay on some turkey poults & let me change my order around to accommodate-- super-friendly, too! Good luck with your ducks!
My dad ordered my chicks last Thursday and they said that they would be in about Wednesday or so. I'm going to call in the morning and see if they came in a little early.. I'm so anxious to get my fuzzy butts! I've never raised chicks before and I'm super duper EGG-cited!

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