Oregon Mini Pilgrim Goose Hen

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    Mar 7, 2008
    This is one of Holderread's Mini Pilgrims. I purchased her last year from him as an '08 bird, so she will be three for this breeding season. We don't have a gander and don't want to keep her with our standard Pilgrims since they are easily double her size. She laid eggs this year but we didn't try hatching any of them. I would like to see her go to a new home before everyone pairs up this winter.

    I have never shipped birds before, and while I probably could if I absolutely had to, I'd rather not. I go on road trips around Missouri on occasion and may be able to meet somewhere.

    Asking $100 on her.

    May trade her for any of the following:

    Royal Palm turkey hens
    American Buffs
    Texas Pioneer Pigeons
    Silver Grey Dorkings (eggs or birds)
    Wheaten/Blue Ameraucanas (eggs or birds)
    Red, Copper, or Chinchilla Satin Rabbits
    Standard Rex Rabbits (any color)

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