Organic feed around Maryland?

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6 Years
Jul 30, 2013
Frederick, Maryland
Hi. I am new to chickens and was hoping to raise my layers on organic feed. My chicks are now 7 weeks old.
I ordered my first couple bags online and have been using Scratch & Peck feeds. They are great, I love the company and the food; and my chicks seem to be thriving on it. But having to ship this feed in from Washington State to Maryland for the lifetime of my chicks would be cost prohibitive.

What is the best organic feed in the central MD area? Does anyone else on BYC in my area feed organic? According to the organic feed store list on BYC, Bowman's in Westminster/Keymar carry Blue Seal organic but it is not listed on their website. I will call and check if they still carry it. Any experience with this brand or recommendation for another brand? I would also be interesting in sharing a shipment of good organic feed if we could save on shipping by ordering in bulk.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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