Organic Non GMO Wholesome Feed?

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  1. Fitzalan

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    Jul 3, 2012
    I'm not getting anywhere with the nonGMO. Most suppliers skirt the subject and can't say one way or another that it is or it isn't....I'm working on a source in Penn Yan New York right now suggested by one of the readers that seems promising. Cracked corn is $17.50 for 50 lbs and shipping is on top of that...that could be the killer.
  2. Fitzalan

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    Jul 3, 2012
    They do sell organic cracked corn at $17.50 for 50 lbs. It's not really not that far from me, so I will be making the trip to check out their operation. Thanks so much, every other avenue I tried was a dead end.
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    Aug 22, 2011
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    May 25, 2007
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    I'll just chime in to say that they are not scalping you. There has been an organic corn shortage since last year and the drought has made things worse. Organic corn is running around $17 a bushel right now. If you can get it milled and bagged for $17.50 you are doing good...
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    Mar 11, 2012
    Nanton, AB, Canada
    Im betting most of you would enjoy this documentary my family and I watched the other day - talks alot about the GMO Soy beans in the US, but also has some other wonderful subjects to consider. (Click the link)

    If I could find somewhere to buy but not ship organic chicken feed in my area Id buy it in a heart beat, regardless of price (as I have a very small flock). I am in Southern Alberta, Canada if anyone know a supplier!
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    We're very fortunate in the PNW to have Scratch & Peck Feeds ( which are organic, non-soy, non-corn (they do have non-GMO corn in some of their products but always have a non-corn option) and are part of the non-GMO project. We love that it's whole grains, real food, not processed pellets.

    We raise all of our birds on their feed and only their feeds the rest of the way as well.
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    Feb 14, 2012
    Duncan, BC
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    Mar 28, 2012
    I'm currently feeding Organic Pride because it's readily available at my local farm store, but Scratch and Peck is local to me and I plan to pick up many bags as soon as I find the nearest store that carries it. I'm allergic to corn, so I'd prefer to go corn and soy free (though I haven't had any issues eating eggs or meat from chickens fed corn, I can't eat corn directly in any form, so best to avoid it whenever possible!)
  9. Fitzalan

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    Jul 3, 2012
    I'll be taking a ride to pick the corn up as it costs more to ship 50 lbs than it does for the gas to travel the 180 miles round trip even paying $3.95 a gallon. I was trying to find someone in the Montrose, PA area as I'm about 50 miles RT from there, but have had no luck...that's farm country and I would have thought it would be the place to go. Thanks once again, you were such a big help.
  10. Soy Free LIfe

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    Feb 20, 2013
    Phoenix, Arizona
    First I want to share this 12 minute video reviewing a 2012 french study done on GMO corn and RoundUp. Although you may have seen the article this video, seems much more comprehensive. The whole video is good, but the significance of the study can queued to 8:30 point:

    Supposedly nothing can claim 100% GMO free product if it has ingredients from a genome which has ever been genetically modified. According to the "NON GMO Project," They only certify something as less than 0.9% GMO. This is because, there is GMO cross contamination occurring in organic and non-GMO crops. Most famous example of cross contamination is with Percy Schmeiser and more recently corn in Mexico.

    Thus here in the US where 88% of all US corn is GMO, 95% of all US soy is GMO, and 87% of all Canola is GMO; there is a very high likelihood of GMO contamination for crops grown within our borders. As you likely know soy corn and canola are main ingredients in most chicken feed.

    So if you were a purist on the GMO issue (like myself), one would eliminate these 3 GMO ingredients from feed completely, even if it is grown organically. This eliminates all likely contamination. This can be difficult because soy has traditionally been a great ingredient for getting the ration up to 16% protein target for laying hens. It has been done. I feed my hens such a product and I am quite happy to do so. We use fishmeal to obtain that extra punch to get our feed up to 16% protein (

    I am not trying to win you over. However, based on the findings in that video above and what I am seeing in the documentary, "Genetic Roulette." I have taken a stance against the entire species of ALL soy and ALL corn ALL canola (even if they're organic). It seems to be the entire genome has been or will be compromised. I am not waiting until I have tumors to find out. I will watch as the rest of our fast food nation continue the study they are unknowingly a part of....

    I'll be on the sidelines eating organic and avoiding compromised gene pools.
    Scott B
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