Ornamental Pheasant interest along with my introduction to BYC


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Jan 18, 2021
Hey everyone,
Gill Jones here, I’m not new to keeping chickens. We have had chickens for years here on the ranch, we mainly keep them for the eggs though and are not accustomed to hatching our own chicks. We normally buy them from the feed store in McKinney, TX. i don’t think I remember a time we we didn’t have them around. Right now between my parents, my sister’s family, and my family we have about 30 chickens. We have always raised Rhode Island Reds and Dominiques. I find that they are simply the best layers in this area. And they have enough meet on them to make it worth while to clean for the dinner table once in while. I’ve known about BYC for a while now. But never really had the the need for advice or education regarding my chickens. But I have recently developed an interest in breeding ornamental pheasants. I was doing some research online about raising and caring for these birds and saw someones post by birdman55 about raising
That was exactly what I was looking for and he mentioned in his article about others on BYC raising these birds so I decided I just had to join. I am looking for as much info as I can scrape together about building my facilities and getting ready to raise pheasants, our ranch is only about 115 acres but I figure I have enough room to raise a few different varieties of Pheasants. I do not desire to have a huge number of them but just breeding pairs of the ones I like. I would like to sell the offspring enough to pay for my collection. BYC seems like a place where I might be able to gain the knowledge to do just that. Here on the ranch we currently raise horses, (Tennessee Walkers only), Cattle, Boer Goats, and Chickens, Oh and I can’t forget our dogs Bandit the Aussie, Lincoln the basset and KoKo the Carin terrier. Soon I am looking forward to adding some great looking birds to that list. I would love to get to know some of you who are currently raising these pheasants and look forward to learning from your experience.
Gill Jones
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