orpington people, I have a ??


11 Years
Feb 13, 2008
My friend wants to get some hatching eggs and there is an ad on CL saying this
"rooster is black, and the eggs come from 3 black hens, 3 buff hens, and 1 blue hen. All my birds are two years old and are originally from Sand Hill Preservation Center."

what colors would she get, and do orpingtons come in black? thanks in advance for you help,
sad, we have nothing better to do on a friday night but peruse through CL and see what we can find, LOL.

Thanks for the reply, I am not too sure about different "big" chicken breeds, but ask me about banties, LOL.
If the black roo & black hens hooked up, you'd get black chicks.
If the black roo & blue hens hooked up, you'd get black & blue chicks.
If the black roo hooked up with the buff hens, then I'm not sure what you'd get but, they'd still be pretty I bet.
I would have to say the blue and buff might give something like a blue wheaton buff looking bird. thats my wild guess.

Not long ago, someone in here posted some pics of their Blue x Buff Orp crosses chicks on here. They were beautiful too!
Hey, thats a cool looking chick.......thanks for sharing.

And thanks everyone for the replies, I appreciate it.
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