Orpington questions


8 Years
Aug 19, 2011
Amery, WI WI/MN border
I constantly hear comments about traits of ________ Orpingtons (Blue, Black, Buff, Lav, Splash) and it often sounds like these are seperate breeds. People talk about personality, laying qualities, broodiness, friendliness etc. My understanding is these are all the same breed but just different colors.

My question is: Have you found differences between the different colors of Orpingtons? Is this possible based strictly on color genetics?
I have 6 young chicks that seem pretty friendly, but of course it's too soon to be sure. The biggest reason I got Orpingtons is because they are supposed to be very friendly (along with good layers and tolerant of heat and cold).
WHen I first started out I added black orpingtons; last year I added lavender orps, and black split to lavender, and I just added a buff orp chick. Im just really curious if there truely is anything differnt with the different color bred genetics (I am guessing no but thought I would ask ) lol

I have been pleasantly surprised-I have always heard that Orps aren't great layers- and mine lay every or every other day. My older black orps came to me as juveniles and adults, the lavs and lav splits were hen raised but I handled them a lot, and this buff is brooder raised. Will be itneresting to see how this affects the personalities as well.

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