Other options for what to do with cockerels?

You may have to eat them. This time of year everyone want to find homes for extra roosters. There aren't enough homes unfortunately. You could list them free for the taking. Most will be eaten anyways so I always figure it's best they get used here for food instead of the stress of going elsewhere.
I've tried here, CL, and FB. Where else do you list your cockerels?
On posting boards at my local feed stores, my health food store, and maybe even the laundromat... anywhere with a free posting board.

Maybe even you local state thread on here instead of just the buy/sell section.

Make a sign and post out front or on telephone poles like a yard sell.

Good luck! :fl

ETA: most will go for free. Very few will sell. Are you allowing the option of eating or pet only?
You can try posting signs, with photos, at local feed stores, or if there's a nearby auction, take them there.
Once they leave your property, they take their chances.
Do be careful about allowing any other people who have chickens on your property! Either arrange to meet elsewhere, or ask them to wear totally clean shoes and clothes, and hope that they do. Biosecurity!
I do take some to the local auction, and write notes on the cages, and 'talk them up', rather than just leaving. It helps, and many, but not all, do find homes other than the freezer.
You can build a separate coop for the extra cockerels too.
aart says, "It's where romance meets reality" in poultry keeping. True!
Home grown chicken is delicious!
I think that 'free birds' are less likely to actually get a home, rather than freezer camp. However, if that's where they need to be, that's fine too. Most cockerels are meant for the freezer...
Great ideas, thank you! I also plan to make a bachelor pad for them to share with the growout chicks.

As for eating, I realize it is a reality. However, our Polish aren’t really big enough for the hassle imo. The up and coming rare breed cockerels have a loooong way to go before they’ll be big enough.

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