Ouch That hurt!!


10 Years
Jan 28, 2009
(south West) Virginia
Stupid me wears flip flops all the time during the summer, even messing with horses....UM YEah ... The big toe got stepped on and toe nail ripped clean off!! I did this sunday it just today stopped bleeding somewhat. I've been wetting a gauze pad with sterile water to keep it from sticking then putting another one over it and tapeing. Anyone ever did this? Should I continue to do what I'm doing? Does it need more air I've been keeping it covered. How long does it take for the nail to grow back.?.LOL
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Ouch! Try to let it air as much as possible, but only when you can really keep it clean. Otherwise, make sure it doesn't get infected, and keep it covered with band aids and a sock and shoe. Good luck!
I am getting light headed thinking about it.....
oooh the thought of a shoe..I've been keeping it covered with the gauze pretty good, I can't get my foot into nothing but a flip flop that dosen't make it rub. I thought I kinda need to let it air when I'm at home and don't plan on moving around much. I sure don't want an infection. My DH got a staph infection last year from the lake. That was not a fun adventure at all!
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I was wearing flip flops the other day with my aunt's horses and I realized what a bad idea it was, especially when her mare followed me around pushing me with her head. Nothing happened, thankfully. You've convinced me not to do it again!
The bad thing is i get my toe/foot stepped on yearly, i normally get a bruised foot or the black toe nail but I've never had one ripped clean off. You would think I would have learned the first time. I just hate shoes, expecially if we're bathing them or something like that. I will wear boots if I plan on riding trail or show but if its just around the house I've got my flip flops on..LOL
I haven't had much of a big toenail since having surgery on them when I was younger. I had my first pedicure last year, they fixed my lil piggies up real nice. Even put a fake nail on both the big piggies and they looked SOOOO nice. Later the same day, I was mopping the floor and ran the mop up and under the left biggie toenail. Ripped it straight back to the cuticle (just flapping like a hinge)! I had a few special adjectives (maybe even a few verbs) spew out of my mouth and I CRIED LOL
I thought like you did that keeping it covered and moist was a good idea... WRONG. I kept the nail on and put a band aid over it. It started to be more painful and smell a bit. I went to the doctor and he said to cut the nail off and start soaking it 3 -4 times a day in warm water & Epsom salts and let it get as much air as possible.
I followed the instructions and it started to heal quickly.
Good luck and don't play "this lil piggy" for a while!
Ok thanks I'll take your advice, I'll soak it when i get home and let it air out now thats its stopped bleeding I'll keep it unwrapped at night also. I'll just wrap it when I'm goin out or to work... No, No lil piggie playin for me LOL
My DD has had to have her big toe nail removed twice now, due to ingrown toenails and it takes around 8 months for the nail to grow back.

Hope yours heals soon and grows back quicker!

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