Our dog just died, suddenly.


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Cooley, one of our dogs, died just now and we don't know why.

This morning she had some rich Easter food. A few minutes ago, I let her in from outdoors, and she layed down on the floor. Then she cried loudly, convulsed a little bit, and passed away.

She's 11, she's overweight and doesn't move around much. Could it have been a heart attack?
Oh, I am so sorry!! What kind of dog was he?
She was a border collie mix, maybe part chow.

No we don't let the dogs have chocolate, as we know that's bad for them. She had scrambled eggs, sausage, and someone gave her a waffle with whipped cream.

It was maybe 10 minutes from the time I let her inside, to when she suddenly cried out. And then no more than 2 minutes later she was dead.
I am sorry to hear about your dog. It is hard to lose them, especially when it is sudden and unexpected. At least it doesn't sound like she suffered much and what a great last meal! Sounds like she had a wonderful morning!
Sausage is very hard on a dogs stomach. It causes gas to build up and can cause a twisiting of the stomach. I saw this on animal planet last year and I have had two dogs die from the twisting. When my dog had the twisting she moaned really loud and did the same thing. It sounds like it was quick though and she did not suffer much. My other dog had it after an accident, we did the surgery ($3000) and the poor thing died in surgery, It could have been a heartattack too but anyways I'm sorry about your dog. I lost mine two months ago and know how much it hurts.
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It could have been the sausage...but most likely a heart attack. Generally speaking, the bloat from sausage would be a slower onset.

Canine obesity is a big a problem as human obesity. Anyone with overweight dogs should really omit table scraps and treats from the dog's diet and put them on a lower calorie dog food.

I'm SO sorry you lost your dog, it is such a terrible thing. At least you know it was fast.

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