Our EE pullets have a better record than our supposedly better layers

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by gale65, Oct 30, 2011.

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    We have 11 pullets who will be 23 weeks this wednesday. 2 EEs, 2 golden comets, 4 red stars, and 3 black australorps. So basically, 2 green egg layers and 9 brown egg layers. Here is our recent egg activity:
    oct 24 -- 3 brown, 1 green
    oct 25 -- 3 brown, 1 green
    oct 26 -- 2 brown, 1 green
    oct 27 -- 3 brown, 2 green
    oct 28 -- 3 brown, no green
    oct 29 -- 3 brown, 2 green
    oct 30 -- 3 brown, 2 green

    I honestly thought those brown egg layers would outshine the EEs at this...I realize the brown egg layers are doing pretty good, especially for this age and weather (NO supplemental light at this point). But the green egg layers are knocking it out of the park!

    eta: our one and only egg that is the size of a regular hen egg so far is a green egg.
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    Under less than ideal (meaning, no supplemental lighting) the hybrids aren't going to perform up to their standard. Don't know if the 'Lorps are contributing yet at 23 weeks.
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    We're hoping to get light in there soon. DH has been pretty busy with harvest but once it's done, we'll put it in. A friend told us to add only about 15 min of extra light at a time for a few days, then 30, then 45, etc. In other words, sort of acclimate them to the extra lighting. Is that right?

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