Our first baby chick

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In the Brooder
7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
Mama is waiting more patiently than we are for the first of the 8 baby chicks... here is mama with #1 hatcher... taking ALLLL day.. the others are all under her so i have no clue if any others are hatching... shes getting annoyed with me talking to her and baby HAHA..
If i double posted this im sorry.... stupid computer
And here we go... 5 babies in the coop when I went down this morning... SO cute!

Mama said eat out of her hand guys..... she has food!!!!

YAYYYY, they are so much fun. I have 4 barred rockers in the house that I bought last week... looks like we might get another one in this batch too..
And ONE MORE little black one this morning... This one is from the mama herself.. another little black one.. CUTE!!! Still one more white egg, do you think it might still hatch???
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