Our First Egg...


10 Years
Nov 30, 2011
In The Shadows With MyChickens
Well this afternoon my mother informed me to come and see something. I didnt think I would be looking at this brown thing called an egg. But there I was amazed and astonished at the little egg. She said she found it cleaning our black hens sleep area. I was already coming to think on who could have layed the egg herself. I know its Silver. She has been doing some quite unusual behavior lately. I attributed it to being squatting-like gestures. I wonder are there any other signs out there that our little hens are ready to go in the laying department that we might be missing? We know of one already
. We are most excited over this first egg.

Actually we were given four chickens about four to five months ago. I believe our brown ones are Buff Orpingtons though one is catching up in size to the other. Then they gave us two black ones as well. I think someone identified one as Astraulorp however you spell it. The other might be one too but I note some of the same characteristics as our buffs but in black. This would be our first egg ever. We dont breed chickens as of yet. I think they mostly will be egglayers and not mothers themselves.
I think this one has a hole in it that wasnt from us lol. But yeah I do believe I have a buff. She has the right size and shape...the giant fluff and stuff. She does resemble them the most. The one as my icon she seems a bit smaller but is catching up in size definitely lately.
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Congratulations! We got our first egg on November 12, 2011. That was so exciting for us. We saved it and had breakfast with our little granddaughter and she ate it. It was a double yolker too.

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