Our flock and one tough dog!


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Sep 11, 2013
Here is our original 5 that came in as day old chicks about 18 weeks ago, as you can see they know who has the food and cracked corn!

These RIRs were added to the flock about 3 weeks ago and took about 3 days to settle into the crowd

Also added this Polish hen as a rescue, she was going to be auctioned but I convinced the owner to let me take her home with his RIRs

Added these 4 POL Pullets about a week ago and they settled in to the flock within the first day, I think introducing 4 large birds threw off the aggressive ones in the flock and toned down the initial pecking order disturbances.

This one just started turning really red so hopefully I will have a 4th layer soon!

And finally Here is our really tough dog, Sophia, the French Bulldog/Mix that likes to pretend to be alot tougher when the chickens have a fence between her and them lol

On a side note here are my nesting boxes with fake eggs and all, yet only the small polish uses them, the RIRs lay on the shed floor directly infront of the nests.... Suggestions?

Have you heard of nesting box blend? A blend of dried herbs such as lavender. Chickens live that smell. I sprinkle some in each time I clean the nests out. Also try getting rid of the hay on the ground for the time being.. It may just be too "comfortable" to lay everywhere. Until they learn and go in the nesting boxes than put back hay.. Also maybe they don't necessarily like the fake eggs? Take out the ones from the bottom and see if they climb in since its eye level for them.
Gorgeous flock!
Sometimes, it takes a little while for them to get used to laying in the nesting box. Chickens are smart, they'll figure it out soon, you'll see. Enjoy your girls, and thanks for sharing.

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