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6 Years
Apr 5, 2013
Constructed out of pallets and scrap wood from around the house.
Love it!! We spent way to much building ours. What about pictures of the inside? How many chickens do you have?
Looks great! I have access to broken pallets occasionally, never thought of using them for anything (I guess because they are considered 'broken' when one or two boards are broken or missing). I will definitely ask for these now. These cheaper it costs to build a coop, the bigger coop I can have! I would also like to see pics of the inside. Great job!
Me and my girlfriend have 10 chicks. 6 reds and 4 bantams. I am a full time student and needed a cheap alternative to building an expensive coop. We are going to add some stuff still to it but it turned out pretty well I think. Here's some additional photos
I think you did an excellent job. Getting the basic coop built is the biggest part of the work. You can go back and add other features later. You have inspired me to head to the barn after work and look around for old 'broken' pallets.

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