Our new additions... (pic heavy)


10 Years
Oct 26, 2009
Hi all! I can't believe I've been hanging around here for almost 6 months and this is my first post. I've been trying to learn as much as possible from everyone here in preparation for raising my own flock. Well... as usual, I only planned on getting 6 or 7 chicks to start with and ended up changing my mind and ended up ordering 26 chicks from McMurray and got one extra in the box. 5 BO pullets, 5 EE pullets, 6 BR pullets, 6 BLRW straight run and 5 CM pullets. They were supposed to arrive today (Monday) but around 7:30pm last night I got a call from our distribution postal warehouse about an hour away saying "come pick your cheeping chicks up". I had NO problem with that!!!
I felt like an expecting momma whose water just broke. I was completely caught off gaurd. So I hopped in the car while my DH filled the water and the food and turned on the light in the brooder to get things nice and toasty. I picked them up and everyone was chirping. I got them home, opened the box and couldn't believe how many chicks they were able to squeeze into one box
Everyone settled in nicely. They are so amazingly cute! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to keep all of them. I need to find homes for about 10 of them just because I don't think our coop is big enough for 27
Anyway... below are some pictures of our new fuzzy butts




I had never picked up a tiny chick before so I was so scared I was going to hurt it.





Our Weimaraner, Hallie, checking things out...


Our other weimaraner, Luke, is actually pointing at the chicks.


added a teddy bear and they all cuddled with it like it's their momma


the mirror was a big hit!

Thanks for looking at our new babies! We're in love! Oh, one question actually... The chicks all seem fine, a couple with the beginning of pasty butt so I've cleaned them up the best I can. But some of them are stretching one of their legs back and then going about their business. Is this just normal chick behavior or are they trying to tell me something? Thanks everyone!
Cute chicks! Regarding the stretching, it's completly normal. Don't be surprised if you find a chick sprawled across the ground under the heat lamp, not moving. It's happened to me 2 times and I thought they were dead. It's just a silly chick basking.
good luck!
Sorry forgot to answer the question. It sounds like they are just streaching to me. Mke sure you stay on top of cleaning the pasty butt. And make sure they all are drinking.
Thanks Pet Duck Boy! I have noticed this too. Fortunately, our dogs do that too (we call it frogging) so I wasn't as concerned about that. They're just too cute for words and feel so lucky they had a safe travel here.

Congratulations on the new babies!!! Love your brooder!

I can't believe I've been hanging around here for almost 6 months and this is my first post

I did the same thing... and still do sometimes. lol​
Yeah i'm jealous. I got 19 chicks from ideal, 9 silkies and 10 packing peanuts. It really is amazing how many they stuff in there. I'd recommend selling your chicks over craigslist. I sold mine which covered the shipping charges. Or you could wait til there around 8 weeks old so you can sell them for a little more. Plus you can pick and choose the ones you want to keep. Great brooder btw. I would say welcome to byc but you've been been around. Good luck with the chickies!
Thanks! My DH made this brooder out of some material laying around the house from building the coop. I was pretty impressed with it too. It's 4x3 and fits perfectly in our dining room/living room area. So I can keep a close eye on them as well as the dogs with them. I was thinking about posting an add on craig's list when they get a little bigger. I know my BLRWs are straight run so I'm expecting some roos there, although they are the most docile of the group right now. I have plenty of room in the brooder for now. My coop is 8x6 and the run will be about 20x10ish. How many chickens can I have in a coop/run that size? Plus I have 5 nesting boxes.
Hallie is 4 years old and Luke is 2 years. I love the name Hank for a weim! It made our short list for when we picked out Luke's name... very manly

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