our newest chicken

Erin K

8 Years
Aug 3, 2011

Here is our newest chicken sitting happily on my 5 year old son's lap.

She is getting picked on by my other birds. I keep checking her and she's not actually getting hurt, or feathers pulled, just harassed. I hate it, but I rekon they have to come to some sort of agreement.

She is the tamest chicken I have now. She is a doll. She comes right to us and we can pick her up and don't even have to do that hold the wings down chicken hold, she will just sit on us.

She's a Silver Laced Wyandotte about 4 months old.
Oh she needs a name. I'm thinking maybe "Clara" It needs to be a sweet gentle name.
Oh so cute that is so nice that she is tame, I'm sure the harassment will cool down soon as every one gets used to each other, the tamest birds do seem to get picked on most, Clara is a great name for her I called mine Lacy

she passed away this yr
I'm sorry to hear your Lacy passed away. If my maybe-Clara gets as pretty as your Lacy I will be overjoyed.
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