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    Oct 9, 2015
    It breaks my heart to even be posting this, as i have groen attached to our flock. Some sort of a critter got into their coop. It looks like one of my lively dogs has started to big to try to get into thr coop,causung just enougj wiggle room for something small to get in. We think whatever got in there, scarec the chickens causing two of them to pish their way out the otber end of their coop . My little silkie is MIA and my other hen was hurt. My husband found her squatting on the outside of the coop. It looks like whatever got her to fought with her and removed quite a bit of feathers. He said she was walking a little and her neck seems fine. He immediately scooped her up and put her in a small crate with water and food. Now she is just laying in her crate resting. This is our first injured chicken. Any advice woule be amazing. My husband fixed the gap so the animal cannot get in and i am going to get bells to tie arounf their coop so i can hear if something tries to get in. [​IMG]
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    Clean the wound out with Hydrogen Peroxide and seal it with Blu-Kote.
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    Welcome to BYC. Sorry for your loss. Clean the wounds with betadine, hibiclens, or other disinfectant , and then apply plain triple antibiotic ointment. Make sure she is eating and drinking well, and tempt her with a little egg or tuna. After she starts to heal, then you could use the BluKote to hide the wound or put a little Tshirt on her to cover it. Keep flies away from her wound. If possible keep her confined in a cage in the coop or with the others, so that you don't have to reintroduce her.
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    You can help to stimulate healing by putting her in the sink and running warm water over the wounds for 5 minutes twice a day. Put a heat lamp next to her to dry her off. I am doing this for one of my chickens that got attacked 2 weeks ago and she is recovering. Make sure to give her high protein foods like eggs and peanut butter. Good luck!!

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