:] out of all 42 eggs, 2 hatch


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Sep 16, 2009
this is acutally my first time
haha, i thought my egg had a crack on it so i was afraid.
after my last post about me not turning them.

so there still inside the egg trying to break out, i dont know if i should help them, since i check online they are still attach to it so i dont know what to do yet.

but do you know if i can buy baby quail food in petco? or make it myself? what food do they eat?
I don't raise quail, but what I have read on here they eat game bird starter feed, and you have to make it finer by grinding it in a blender dry. I don't know about helping it hatch. I would leave it alone. Also, don't give up on the others for a few more days. Good luck.
If you don't have access to game bird starter and Petco is all you have, ask them if they have "Exact" formula baby bird food. It is made to mix with water and hand feed baby parrots and whatnot, but I bet if you sprinkled it on a paper towel for the baby quail they would eat it until you figured out what to do after that. Good luck, and
Don't help them hatch. The ones I have piped one day & hatched the next. Go on line & use TSC & some other farm supply stores store locater to see if you have one around you. If you see a farm down the road stop & ask where they get there feed. If they grind there own they my be able to do some for you also.
thanks im so happy, now 2 more egg hatch, except 1 is like the first 2, still inside..but 1 pop out and now its like..sleeping and waking itself up with little chirp


:\\ they dont seem to like me tho..
how u tame them into liking me? :[ the one hatch keep trying to get off my hand and wont stop pipping
Resist helping if at all possible! I have seen, in some instances, the quail will outgrow the egg and will be too large to move inside the egg... so the egg will pip but the little quail can't finish hatching on his own. In this instance, you will have help the bird out of the egg. I hatch anywhere from 60 to 200 birds at a time and there are always a few that need assistance. But... make sure that the egg in question has been pipped for at least 24 hours.

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